Michelin MC12312 12Volt 100 PSI Silent Air Pump with Adjustable Digital Pressure Indicator


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• Michelin MC12312 12VOLT 100 PSI Adjustable Digital Pressure Gentle Silent Air Pump

• Strong 100 PSI / 5.5 bar with inflating power cars, motorcycles, 4x4 SUV cars and bicycle tires, balls, tire boots, beds, etc. Suitable to inflate,

• It produces high -torque power thanks to the BRUSHless technology, so that the perfect power is provided in the quietest way,

• Thanks to the Direct Drive Motor (Brushless) technology, it works extremely quietly, it is easily used with its light and compact structure and does not require maintenance,

• Thanks to Brushless technology, it consumes much less energy, provides much longer working time,

• Thanks to Brushless Technology, more robust structure provides 50 %higher life life compared to other products,

• Direct Drive Motor (Brushless) technology thanks to vibration -free, quiet and long -term use,

• Brushless technology reduces friction and extends working time and pump life

• Direct Drive Motor (Brushless) Technology provides a very long working time in a very compact size

• Brushless technology provides excellent efficiency and longer working time,

• It produces maximum power with BRUSHless technology, inflating in a very short time like 2 minutes,

• Provides superior performance up to 100 PSI,

• Electronic adjustable digital pressure indicator provides precision pressure according to the application, the air pumping is automatically cut when the adjustable pressure value is reached, provides the most appropriate pressure control,

• Can perform many multi -purpose inflating applications,

• Compact, portable, light, robust and aerodynamic design provides ease of use,

• Provides a wide range of use with a special 65cm hose resistant to pressure,

• LED Lighting Pressure Gentle Easy to Read the screen even in the dark, provides comfortable use,

• 3 Pieces Inflatable Tips Provides wide usage area,

• Easy and robust assembly with screw tire inflatable tip is provided, sensitive inflatable is provided,

• Screw metal rubber inflating end of the air evacuation pin for excessive pressure,

• The possibility of inflating all the balls and similar products with a ball inflating tip,

• Tire boots, beds etc. The possibility of inflating many different products with the tip used to inflate,

• 3m length 12volt vehicle lighter input cable with camp, mountaineering, beach, etc. Swelling boots, sea bed, sea ball, bicycle, swelling bed and so on. Possibility to inflate many of your products easily,

• 3 pieces of inflating and 3m long lighter input cable for a lid storage compartment,

• Correct and easy pressure measurement with the digital pressure indicator that can make precise measurement,

• Integrated 3 LED lamps on the product, reading maps in the dark, tire replacement, campsite in the camp area and so on. Possibility of using in many areas,

• PSI & Bar & KPa indicator digital screen clock

• Thanks to the rubber -covered feet, the possibility of vibrationless use without slipping,

• Comfortable use thanks to ergonomic design,

• Hose and inflatable tips are stored in the compartment on the tool, ready for continuous use,

• The possibility to store pumps and accessories in a clean and safe way with cloth carrying bags,

• Provides the opportunity to maintain easily with compact design,

• Casual use with patented easy connection system,

• Innovative technology with 100 years of Michelin quality

• Suitable for professional use

• Dimensions: 14cm x 27cm x 11cm

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