About Us

Biggplus Group, which has implemented end-user, employee and dealer focused loyalty and reward / points projects since 1999, provides 95 restriction services. Biggplus Group, which has the Biggloyalty brand as its flagship and has implemented more than 1500 loyalty projects in accordance with global criteria, consists of 3 main companies.

As we leave almost 20 years behind in the sector, we are growing with our new dormitories abroad. We are dominating the global arena with the Dubai office and logistics center serving MEA Communications, and the Amsterdam office and logistics center serving Avrupa Kargo.

The Virtual Shop, which is known worldwide and conducts projects with the Biggloyalty brand, On-Net that imports products and Aristo, which makes custom software for customers.

With our 3 regional directorates and logistics centers around the world, we now bring a much richer product range and a faster shipping process to our valued customers.

Software from the project management, logistics and shipping process from product supply chain management and call center management up from A to Z, covering many phases of the leading companies in Turkey loyalty sector with commercial marketing services that Biggloyalty continues experienced and professional team work consisting of 150 people .

Serving in many different sectors such as FMCG, telecommunications, aviation, finance, retail and insurance; main customers of Biggplus Groups are THY, Coca-Cola, Good Year, Philip Morris, BP, Turkcell, Rixos Hotels, Mapfre, Ipsos.

Biggloyalty has four very important products, each developed under the roof of the company, with complementary loyalty programs, software and applications. These are: employee rewarding and appreciation program Biggstars, dealer campaign and rewarding program Biggclub, award points site Biggrewards and Biggymobil, where the end user is awarded.

Within the framework of our global growth plans for 2024 and beyond, our group company Sanal Magaza Computer Services and Trade. Inc. , which provides Reward Points and E-Commerce services, will continue its activities by merging under the name and legal entity of BIGGBRANDS E-Commerce services and Trade Inc. as of November 20, 2023.


Biggplus Group, which serves its customers in loyalty, rewarding and promotion issues and aims to be their best business partner in this field, works to be a genuine business partner. In order to achieve these ambitious but absolutely necessary goals, Biggplus offers its customers the most advanced IT solutions with the latest technologies developed under its own roof.


The basic motto of Biggplus Group is to be customer oriented. Even if the product, promotion or price comes to the fore from time to time, the customer is always at the center of the business. For this reason, maximum attention is paid to the corporate customers of Biggplus Group. The main goal of the company is to receive a happy thank you message in return by presenting high-perception and valuable awards together with a flawless supply chain management.