Conditions & Applications


The following terms and conditions rule the member participation with credit cards at (

It is the members’ responsibility to read, understand and follow all of the terms and conditions.

Please note that changes may occur at any time and without prior notification to the members. In this regard members are required to monitor the web site for any possible changes.

When placing an order, please note the following information about the products:

All items are limited by stocks. Sanal Magaza reserves the right to remove / add an item, or exchange an existing item with an alternative one or change the price value of any item, anytime. In case an item you’ve chosen is not in the stocks, Sanal Magaza reserves the right to cancel the order or send you an alternative item. There may be differences in the model / color / design of the items.

Products cannot be ordered with any commercial purposes. Items dispatched by Sanal Magaza can not be exploited for any commercial purpose. In these cases, Sanal Magaza reserves the right to cancel or edit orders in its sole discretion.

Changes in VAT, SCT (Special Consumption Tax)  rates, as well as all changes in tax and customs legislation, may result in changes in Money charges.

On the website, product Money values ​​change daily. Sanal Magaza cannot be held responsible for the problems that may occur due to typographical errors (product name, price, features).

Deliveries and Delivery Addresses

The delivery address of the item must be within the specified region that Sanal Mağaza Has announced. Sanal Mağaza can not be held responsible for the failure to deliver to the customer the following addresses for any reason; a) Hotels
b) Cargo agents / branches
c) Airports Only home or workplace address information should be entered in the address section.
Thank you for your understanding.