Michelin MC6986 3-in-1 Ice scraper, Snow Shovel, Wiper Cleaner


Michelin MC6986 3 in one ice scraper, snow shovel, wiper cleaner

• With a single product, you can clean the snow, ice cleaning and cleaning of your vehicle or all other glass surfaces. Possibility to clean the snow with snow shovel and all other surfaces.

• Thanks to its special design, 3 -function use with one product, ice scraping, snow cleaning and wiper cleaning.

• In winter, it cleanses iced vehicle windows, wipers and all other glass surfaces without damaging the structure of the glass and the wiper.

• Clean the snow with snow shovels collected on your vehicle windows.

• It is specially designed for quick and easy cleaning of thick snow layers on the vehicle and on the floor.

• Before you go on your journey, you will be ready for safe driving with ice scraper and snow shovel.

• Allows you to clean the ice formed easily and without forcing.

• Designed and manufactured in all brand and model cars, home, office, warehouse windows.

• The possibility of using the snow shovel and ice scraper together and separately thanks to the special locking mechanism.

• Cleans the ice on the glass after icing.

• It has been designed and manufactured to prevent the black contact of your hand with ergonomic and compact design.

• Ergonomic and special sponge -coated soft holding handle provides comfortable and easy use without slipping.

• Ergonomic and special sponge -coated soft handle provides easy grip without being affected by the cold and does not slip.

• Easy and comfortable use thanks to the Type Type Special Holding tip.

• Easily cleaning ice with an ultra -strong, 10cm width scraper knife made of frost -resistant polycarbonate.

• The scraper knife is made of 100%polycarbonate and is specially designed to be broken even on the hardest ice.

• Special design to clean the wiper tires from ice and snow.

• Shaft of 25 cm long ergonomically created.

• Flexible ice scraper structure increases efficiency.

• It increases efficiency with its 25cm length holding handle and flexible structure.

• 10cm wide, ultra -strong scraping edge with ice teeth.

• 17cm wide, snow shovel.

• Casual use in narrow areas with 60cm length.

• Produced in Europe with high Michelin technology. /P>

In winter, you can use ice scraper products to easily clean your ice vehicle. Thanks to ice scraper products, you can easily break the ice and clean it easily. Ice scraper products do not draw the glass of the vehicle due to its structure and leave no trace or stain. It is quite difficult to hold the glass of your vehicle, which does not work from evening to morning and to clean it from there. When it is attempted to be cleaned by hand, it may damage the hands and other foreign substances may cause the glass of your vehicle to be scratched. Ice scraper products, because it does not take up too much space, you can easily carry it in the trunk of your vehicle and use it, especially when you need it in winter.

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