Polosmart PSSW01 Smart Fit Smart Bracelet, Red

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Smart wristband
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A smart assistant that allows you to measure your daily steps, calories, distance traveled and heart rate.
Polosmart PSSW01 Smart Fit also alerts you to notifications coming to your phone, thanks to its instant notification feature.
A unique smart bracelet equipped with technological features from Polosmart! It is compatible with IOS & Android, you can access tracking and settings via the application.

This watch mainly pairs with the smartphone using Bluetooth connection.
You need to download the necessary APP on your mobile phone first, then connect the bluetooth of the watch and the mobile phone.
If the connection is completed successfully, you can synchronize.
You can synchronize the date and time on the phone, as well as the data on the watch to the APP on the mobile phone.
IMPORTANT: Do not allow your watch to come into contact with water in any way; If so, your watch will be excluded from warranty.

* Android 4.4 above, iOS 8.0 above,
* Supports Bluetooth 4.2
* Battery capacity: 90mAh
* Charging time: 2 hours
* Standby time: up to 15 days
* Working time: 5-7 days
* Key: Touch
* Vibrating alert
ATTENTION: The charging port is on the side with the battery sign.

Step counter
Distance Meter
Calorie Counter
Heart Rate Meter
0.96 inch TFT screen
* Weight: 26 gr.
* Heart rate measurement
* Show time
* Step count
* Calorie measurement
* Distance indicator
* Standard sports function: Step, distance, calories
* Sleep monitoring: Sleep time, sleep quality
* Automatic update depending on application

Access your watch's USB socket by removing the strap at the top.
Start the charging process by connecting the USB socket to the USB port via a power source or computer.
After connecting the watch to power, you can follow the charging process on the screen, if the bar stops progressing, it means the charge is fully charged.
When charging is complete, unplug your watch from the USB port.
Wear your watch by adjusting it according to your wrist.
The "Measurement Sensor" located at the bottom of your watch should be in contact with your wrist.
Turn your watch on by pressing and holding the touch button on your watch screen for 5 seconds.
To turn it off, go to the MAC menu of your watch and press and hold this button again for 5 seconds. Reach the “ON-OFF” screen. After the "ON-OFF" screen opens, you can choose between "ON" and "OFF" options. If you select the "OFF" option and wait for 3 seconds, your watch will turn off.
The first usage values of your watch (time, step tracking, etc.) will show the real data in your FitPro application after synchronization with your mobile device.
Before connecting your watch to your phone via Bluetooth, download the necessary mobile application; Scan and download the QR code specified for IOS and ANDROID operating systems.
The application name will appear as “FitPro”.
Before downloading the application, make sure that your phone has an internet connection.
After installing the “FitPro” application on your smartphone, turn on the Bluetooth mode of your phone, access the “Device” option from the “Settings” tab in the upper left corner of your FitPro application and make your Bluetooth connection.
By defining the ID number of your watch in the “MAC” section using the “MENU” option on your watch, find your watch in the list and perform the pairing.
After making your Bluetooth connection, you can follow the functions of your “Polosmart SmartFit” smart watch from your application.

Date and Time information is available on the screen of your watch.
Your watch can be set to be motion and button sensitive.
The screen will remain in sleep mode when inactive or when the button is not touched. You can make this setting via "Fit Pro".

The Step Counter feature appears as "Steps" in your mobile application.
This function shows the total of steps taken for 24 hours, starting from 00:00.

The Distance Meter feature records the distance traveled in 24 hours by measuring it in km.

The Calorie Counter feature calculates your average calories burned based on distance traveled and steps taken.

The Heart Rate Meter feature appears as “Heart Rate” in your mobile application. This function measures your heart rate thanks to the sensor at the bottom of your watch.
Make sure the sensor is in contact with your wrist.

The Sleep Tracking feature appears as “Sleep” on the mobile application.
This function produces an image of your sleep state.
You can only follow it from your mobile application.
Make sure the sensor is in contact with your wrist.

NOTE: The values in the "Heart Rate" section of the device are not at medical level. (Can not be used in treatment or report.)

The information below is only valid for Türkiye.
* The usage period is 3 years.
* The warranty period is 2 years.
* Suitable for WEEE.

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